Zero Minutes Of Fame

Zero Minutes Of Fame


Client: Zero Minutes Of Fame
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Chicago

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Background : 
There are mass killings and shootings in America. 30% of mass killings and 22% of school shootings are inspired by previous event, where killer's name, image, and motive. 

Insight : 
People pay attention to the killer not the victims.

Goal : 
To prevent future copy cat criminals.

Idea : 
Creating a browser plugin that enables you to eradicate the killers names and replaces the images with images about victims

Personal Thought
Crazy and thrilling insight. I also once thought about this before, and that is why this is a great insight. People pay attention to the criminals but not the victims. And yes, some of the criminals love to get attentions. But I think the execution could be way better. Amazing potential insight.