Down Syndrome Answers

Down Syndrome Answers


Client: Canadian Down Syndrome Society 
Agency: FCB Canada

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When parents do search for answers, they are confronted at every turn with the cold and clinical language of Down syndrome: Genetic defects. Developmental delays. Abnormality. Language that is far removed from the emotional reality of the agonizing decision at hand.

When parents learn their unborn child has Down syndrome, they turn to Google for answers.

Ask any questions to the true experts, and give the parents hope. 

Videos that answer all of the 40 top Googled questions on Down syndrome as answered by people with Down syndrome.

Personal Thought
I personally think, this idea is the best idea of all great works. FCB Canada caught the very personal behavior, and directly use that for the idea. Very simple execution yet powerful. This doesn't even cost a lot of money. I would love to create a work like this in my life.