Posts into Letters

Posts into Letters


Client: Change The Ref
Agency: Area 23

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Background : 
Mass shooting keeps happening. Every Gun Tragedy, Americans take over social media with calls for change, but they don’t end up to changes.

Insight : 
According to 96% of government officials, the most effective way to influence change is handwritten letters. 

Goal : 
To actually show people’s concerns(social media) to goverment.

Idea : 
Created a handwriting of victim who died in the shooting, and created a web platform where any can turn their posts into letters.

Personal Thought:
I think this is one of the closest solution to gun violence with great meaning, and technology. Most of the other ideas are just raising awareness. But people already do aware of gun problem. They just don’t know or have a way to support other than protesting. This turns the awareness into an action. Love this idea so much.